, Setup wordpress security and block all vulnerabilities
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 , Setup wordpress security and block all vulnerabilitiesSatisfaction guaranteed, or get your money back within 30 days!


Do you think your WordPress website secured? Because more than 30,000 Web Sites are Hacked per Day due to weak Security! WordPress hacking is a very common issue due to massive use of 3rd party plugins and security loopholes.
If your website gets hacked, it’s very hard to win audience’s trust again.
It will ruin your business and your business reputations.

So if your website is not secured yet or want to fix hacked website and remove malware, Then this service is for you.

We will provide:
Setup top security
Ban bad users & I.P
Hide login & Admin URL
Brute-force protection
Change the WP-content path
Two-factor authentication
Logs of security
File permission & integrity check
Get a notification when a file is updated
Much more secret tweaks that will ensure your security
Fix hacked WordPress websites
Detailed Scan of all Files
Removal of all Threats & Back-doors
Update all plugins and theme (only free plugin/theme)
Full backup
Upgrade Login Security System
Database Security
Brute-force attack protection

Clean it again for FREE if it gets re-infected within 1 month after cleaning

Why you choose me
  •  We will work until you get fully satisfactions.
  • We am well aware of my time frame, so project will be delivered before deadline.
  • We provide professional services at an affordable cost.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
Our others services

Setup wordpress security and block all vulnerabilities

  1. Vulnerability Testing
  2.  Software Version Upgrade
  3.  Malware Removal
  4.  Security Patch Installation
  5. Remove and clean JS Script
  6.  Website Backup

, Setup wordpress security and block all vulnerabilities   Delivery: 10 Days      , Setup wordpress security and block all vulnerabilities   Revission: Unlimited    

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