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Are you facing “Japanese keyword hack” or “this site maybe hacked” on google search? if so don’t worry we will help you with this.

WordPress hacking is very common problem due to massive use of 3rd party plugin’s and security loop holes. that’s why hacker can get in your site and set a malware and backdoor’s so your site can be easily accessed by hacker and the hacker set his own link in it that’s why google show “Japanese keyword” & “this site maybe hacked” message or sometimes they blacklist your site and show “red warning” if you face this kind of problems i can fix its no problem to me i will fix it very quickly

What we do ?

Remove all malware’s and backdoor
Remove I-frame hacks
Remove JavaScript hacks
Remove base64 hacks
Remove wp-vcd,wp-temp file from wp core
Remove malware redirect or pop ups
Fix Malware Infection files
Remove site from blacklist if needed
Installing and configuring Security plugin
Full website backup (including files & Database)
Upgrade Login Security
Brute-force attack protection
Blocking repeated bad login attempts
Blocking known bad IP’s
Hiding and protecting important core WP files
Why you choose me
  •  We will work until you get fully satisfactions.
  • We am well aware of my time frame, so project will be delivered before deadline.
  • We provide professional services at an affordable cost.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
Our others services

Remove Japanese keyword hack from google search page

  1. Remove Japanese SEO keyword
  2.  Update Search Console
  3. Fix redirecting issue
  4. Fix Java script code
  5. Remove All infected file
  6. Security Patch Installation

, Remove Japanese keyword from google search page   Delivery: 3 Days      , Remove Japanese keyword from google search page   Revission: Unlimited    

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