Malware Scanner

Malware scanner find out the websites that have been hacked through hacker. We will scan the website and prepare a report, so that you can understand if there is any kind of malware or error on the website. You don’t have to make any payment separately for this service, it is a completely free service for a few days. Malware scanning is done completely manually so we take about 24 hours for this task. The report will be provided to you within 24 hours.


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Malware Scanner


Enter the Domain or Website URL and your contact information to get an Malware Scanner Report. The report will be provided to you within 24 hours. If there is any malware on the website then my team will contact you very quickly.


Malware Scanner copy of the PDF report will also be sent to your email.

How Malware Hospital Works

4 simple steps to understand how Malware Hospital Removal Service works

Scan whole website for finding malware from infected files & database

Backup whole website with malware for by case missing any single files

Clean the backdoor exact malware from infected files and database.

Final step and recheck all files/database is to validate everything

malware scanner

Some frequently asked questions!

You can order with any package by looking at our pricing packages. After ordering, you need to give us access to your website, then we will start working quickly.

After ordering, your website will be thoroughly scanned. After this a backup of the site is kept. After that, the work of malware removal will be started.

We are using some security plugins to protect the website from DID attacks.

If the website contains malware, it blocks the domain from Google or several other platforms. Blacklist removal may take 24-72 hours to complete.

No, we will only delete the malware files. The website will not have any important data missing.

Free support will be provided as per malware removal package. If any type of malware comes to the site during the period included in the package, then we will do the work of free removal.

Contact us if you have multiple websites on the same server. We can remove malware from sites at low cost.

It will depend on the malware on the site, but will not keep the site down. We understand the importance of your site. We know that having a site down can mean a loss of business.

This is very difficult to guarantee, because you have to provide the security of access to your site. We can only update the security of the site. But we will advise you to stay secure.

It generally takes 24 hours to 72 hours to fix a domain blacklist.

We provide free malware scans and reports. It is completely free. You can scan the website from here.  Click on Free Malware Scan Button.

Yes of course the website is backed up twice. Once before starting work and once after finishing work.

What You Do After Removing Malware From Website

After we secure the website there are some important tasks that you need to do. If you want to keep the website secure.

Update Your Website

Keep all plugins, themes, scripts and any 3rd party software on your website up to date. Backdated plugins or themes are very dangerous।

Change Website & Hosting Passwords

You will change all of your passwords after the website is up and running. By doing this you can stay secure.

Make Website Backups

Website backup is able to protect you from unwanted dangers. So keep fresh website backup।

Run Antivirus Programs

All the devices from which your website maintenance works. Install License Anti-Virus on that device. This will keep you and your resources secure.

Activate WAF and CDN

Enable the web application firewall. This will keep hackers away from your site and keep the CDN active so that the website loads faster.

Website Configure Monitoring

Check your website configuration regularly. Put in backend monitoring.

Scan websites for malware ?

Scan your website for malware or hacked. This is completely free service. A lot of websites are hacked every day, so ensure your website security from this moment.

Malware Hospital
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