Frequently Asked Question

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Why hire us?

100% guaranteed work. Worked over 4000+ sites with different type of hacking problem.

Malware Cleanup Guarantee ?

Guarantee my work quality. I will clean 100% all Malware, I will remove it from any blacklists For Eg. Site Blocked by Google, Bing and others, depending on the package you chose. Keep all Up to date to ensure u are safe. Never install plugins/ themes from unknown sources.

I have several sites, any discount?

Please contact with us if you have several sites.

What details you need to start work?

I need wp-admin and hosting cpanel login details

How much you charge for 3 or more websites

We will provide multiple website service. please check pricing page.

can you fix WordPress websites css issues?

Yes, I can fix any type of CSS issues. Please message me your website URL and mention problem.

your services cover red screen warning google search blacklist?

Yes After removing malware and backdoor virus google search, Firefox and chrome red screen warning will automatically remove within 24 to 72 hours or 5 days maximum after cleaning malware.

Can you offer WordPress theme customization

Yes, I have 6+ years WordPress theme customising and development experience. I can customise all type of themes.

How long do I get support?

We will provide 24/7 online support.

Can you fix GOOGLE ADS campaigns limits due to detected unwanted ads and malicious links

Yeah, I fix Google Ads issues in most of the cases. As this is not a simple task, before placing such order, it`s MANDATORY to contact and provide me all the details. My regular Packages do not include Google Ads issues fix. There is an EXTRA GIG for such kind of tasks.

Do you also Restore Lost Access to Social Media Accounts or provide hacking services ?

NO! I do not provide hacking services for websites or social media accounts. I do not restore Lost Access to Social media profiles. I ONLY PROVIDE: Fixing Websites Services: Websites Malware Removal, WordPress Sites Bugs Fixing, CSS & HTML, Broken websites fixing, Recovering websites etc...

My all websites suspended by hosting provider. can you help ?

yes if your all websites suspended then i will help on it. choose our clean malware website gigs , according your websites quantity and order . after i will clean all malware and Reactivated your all websites.

How can i send payment ?

We accept Stripe Credit Card Payment.
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