Common WordPress Error And how to Fix Them

Common WordPress Error

Today we know common wordPress error. WordPress is an undeniably effective program. However, you`re sure to run into technical issues from time to time. These WordPress mistakes may be irritating and soak up treasured time.

Fortunately, you could clear up maximum of those system defects in your own. By familiarizing your self with the maximum not unusual place WordPress mistakes and their fundamental causes, you need to be capable of restoration maximum troubles in your site.

In this article, we`ll display you some powerful techniques to begin with. Then, we`ll cowl 20 of the maximum not unusual place WordPress mistakes and display you a way to restoration them. Let`s go!

Common WordPress error troubleshooting

It can be difficult to decide the foundation of a WordPress blunders. As such, we endorse which you begin your troubleshooting with some standard techniques that could clear up the problem.

You can begin via way of means of clearing your cache. A cache facilitates your browsers load sites quicker via way of means of storing data. Clearing it facilitates you put off previous content, which can be sufficient to restoration your issue.

You have to additionally keep in mind updating your theme, plugins, and WordPress core. Similarly, if you`ve run into an blunders after downloading a brand new plugin or theme, deactivating it would do the trick.

Finally, we propose which you hold steady backups of your site. If a deadly blunders can`t be fixed, those copies permit you to repair your page with out dropping an excessive amount of information.

How to fix the common WordPress errors

Here’s our handy guide to solving 20 of the most common WordPress errors.

  1. The white screen of death

The white screen of death is exactly what it sounds like: a blank, featureless screen. Occasionally, it might display an error message:


There are common culprits in the back of this issue: plugins and themes. These can also additionally reason compatibility problems that save you you from getting access to your site.

However, there are some of different viable reasons as well. Check out our article on solving the WordPress white display of dying for a complete listing of capacity roots and beneficial solutions.

  1. 400 errors

four hundred mistakes are available in distinct forms, from four hundred to 499. However, they`re all HTTP customer mistakes. As such, they could typically be traced again to a conversation problem together along with your server:

Different client error codes have different fixes. Some individual codes, such as the 401 error and the 403 forbidden error, have several possible solutions. We’ve also compiled a guide to help you fix the all-too-common 404 not found error.

  1. Internal server error

These 500 mistakes may be as an alternative puzzling. You`re hardly ever given any records aside from the title: all you already know is that your server has crashed.

Due to this loss of clarity, an inner server mistakes generally calls for a touch little bit of troubleshooting. However, the coolest information is you could generally restoration it with some focused steps. We`ve prepare a 500 inner server mistakes manual to expose you how.

  1. Memory limit error

Memory restrict mistakes may be traced on your hosting provider. Depending to your plan, you`re generally allocated a positive quantity of server reminiscence. If you exceed this restrict, you`ll see this mistakes.

The fastest answer is to boom your PHP reminiscence restrict, as visible in step six of our HTTP picture add mistakes walkthrough. However, if you`re continuously jogging into this reminiscence restrict mistakes, you could need to recall upgrading your hosting plan.

  1. Error establishing database connection

Your WordPress site needs to connect with the MySQL database in order to work properly. However, if something goes wrong during that process, you’ll likely see this message:

Your customers won`t be capable of view your content, and also you won`t be capable of get admission to your dashboard. Fortunately, this difficulty is reasonably smooth to repair. Start through checking your database credentials. If they`re set correctly, you may additionally strive those steps to repair the database connection error.

  1. Exceeded maximum upload file size

Your WordPress site has a unique add limit this is decided by several factors. If you try to add a file that exceeds this limit, you`ll get an error message. You can view your restriction via way of means of going to Media → Add New:

You can increase your upload length by editing your php.ini file. However, this won`t paintings for all hosting plans. As such, we recommend talking for your hosting issuer or in reality compressing your snap shots instead.

  1. Maximum execution time exceeded

When your site techniques data, it generally does so with a most execution time restriction in place. If it can`t end processing inside this restriction, it`ll day trip and fail to finish the process. provides a simple solution to this issue: adding the following code to your php.ini file:

 max_execution_time = 60

However, this approach may not always work. Therefore, contacting your hosting provider might be a better way to solve this issue.

  1. Failed auto-upgrade

Automatic updates may be a hands-off way to hold your WordPress site jogging at the contemporary technology. However, this procedure can fail, main to a crashed website.

If this happens, the exceptional answer is honestly to replace your site manually. You can also need to take some steps to ensure that you`re upgrading WordPress safely.

  1. Failed to write file to disk

You`re likely to look the “Upload: Failed to put in writing record to disk” mistakes after seeking to add media files. This may be specifically worrying in case you run a photo-heavy site.

Generally, there are essential causes:

Incorrect record permissions.

A server mistakes.

You can begin with the aid of ensuring your record permissions are nicely set up. If that doesn’t work, keep in mind contacting your host.

  1. Connection timed out

Server limits are an unfortunate reality of running a website. If you put a large strain on your server, you may get a connection timeout error. This is especially common for shared hosting plans:


One answer is to deactivate all plugins. Then, reactivate them one by one till you discover the resource-heavy program. You may need to exchange to a default WordPress theme, despite the fact that first-class topics shouldn`t motive this issue. Finally, you could strive growing your reminiscence limit.

  1. Secure connection mistakes

A stable connection mistakes happens while your server is incorrectly configured. As a result, your site is not able to hook up with This can save you you from updating your center files.

Unfortunately, there`s no do-it-your self way to those WordPress errors. Sometimes, you simply want to look ahead to a few minutes and it`ll leave on its own. If it doesn’t clear up itself, you could touch your host directly.

  1. Stuck in maintenance mode

Updating center software is an crucial a part of going for walks a steady site. To accomplish this, WordPress installs a .preservation record. After the update, the record is commonly removed. However, every so often this may cross wrong, main on your site being caught in preservation mode:

Fortunately, the answer is simple. All you need to do is locate an FTP consumer to hook up with your site`s server. Then, find the .preservation record for your root folder and delete it. Your site ought to cross again to ordinary as quickly as you delete the record.

  1. Cloudflare error 521

Cloudflare is a powerful safety carrier that also can accelerate your site. However, the Cloudflare carrier can also additionally occasionally be not able to connect with your server. This consequences in a 521 error.

To fix this issue, make sure your server is up and running. Then, check to peer in case your firewall is blocking off Cloudflare`s IP ranges. Additionally, you can always touch your host for assistance.

  1. Locked out of your admin page

Being locked from your admin page may be the final frustration. Without this access, you can`t do much with your website.

Unfortunately, that is one of these WordPress mistakes that could have a number of viable causes. It may be as easy as a typo to your password, or as complicated as a hassle together along with your .htaccess file.

Despite all the ability causes, solving your admin access doesn`t want to be hard. You can comply with our whole troubleshooting guide instead.

You also can strive manually converting your admin password or creating a new admin user via phpMyAdmin.

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